Drop some coins in the jar, help a cat.

My Name is Skip Wiley and I run Harry & Hio’s Woodworking LLC. Four years ago July we lost our best friend Buster Peters-Wiley (a 13 year old tabby cat) to a long battle with brain cancer. Buster was a stray who adopted us and shared many laughs and much love for the past 13 years. Until recently we had 8 rescued cats but Buster was our favorite, hanging out with me in my woodshop, patrolling the grounds in his “territory”, caging extra snacks, befriending our reclusive cat Brewster, acting as referee to various feline disagreements and acting as a gatekeeper to our property. We all miss him very much and wanted to do something to preserve his memory. 

To that end we, my wife and I, have established Busters Bucks to assist feral and stray cats. We ask our customers at the craft fairs we attend to drop some coins into a Mason jar. At the end of the event the business matches the money collected and we donate it to some organization dedicated to helping stray cats.

Below you will see the results of this effort in helping stray and feral cats throughout New England. If you would like to contribute to this effort simply send a donation in Buster’s name to and feral cat rescue group or non-kill shelter in your area.

Buster's Bucks Donations

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far. The coins sure do add up! Here are more details on how much has been raised to date and details in 2015 about each show, how much was raised and where the money was donated:

2011 Total Donations: $186

2012 Total Donations: $796

2013 Total Donations: $820

2014 Total Donations: $806

2015 Donations: $1,016 (and counting)

3/24 Rockingham Park $54.00 Northeast Animal Shelter

4/24 Durham $124.00 Bikers feral cat fund

5/3 Forestville $14.00 Forgotten Felines

5/10 Milford $72 Forgotten Felines

5/16 Madison $38 Forgotten Felines

5/17 New Haven $7 Forgotten Felines

5/23 Wilton $20 Forgotten Felines

6/6 Milford $20 Forgotten Felines

6/13 Mohegan Sun $22 Forgotten Felines

6/20 Cheshire $12 Forgotten Felines

6/27 New London $30 Piper Olson Vet. Hosp. PT

7/4 Niantic $85 Piper Olson Vet. Hosp. PT

7/26 Saybrook $24 Piper Olson Vet. Hosp. PT

8/1 Rochester NY $45 Piper Olson Vet. Hosp. PT

8/9 Mystic $7 5 Piper Olson Vet. Hosp. PT

8/22 Hebron Fair $80 Bikers Feral Cat Fund

9/15 Big E $54 Bikers Feral Cat Fund

9/20 Simsbury/Mystic $56 Bikers Feral Cat Fund

10/4-12 Southington $44 Northeast Animal Shelter

11/13-15 Rockingham Park $140 Northeast Animal Shelter